An Interesting Day.. to say the least.

I’ve been pretty busy today, and honestly I shouldn’t be up still talking about it. But here it goes..

It started out with a phone call this morning from drkbish letting me know that one of the hidden secrets in MK: Shaolin Monks called “Survival Mode” that was hinted during the Fight Night chat I hosted from Los Angeles last October, had finally been found by a couple of our forum members at Mortal Kombat Online. I wasn’t able to get online for the update at the time, but I gave Justin Deering a ring and he was able to work on the update, as well as get some videos up on the server for the fans. After that I gave Andrew Phillips a call, as it was my day off and we had planned to hang out. So sometime after noon I drove up and met up with him at his apartment in Columbus and had lunch with him and his fiance Amy at the Mad Mex on High Street. After that we dropped Amy back off as she had to drive up to Cincinnati, and me and Andrew headed to the Men’s Warehouse where I got fitted for my tux for his wedding and put the down payment on the rental. We also made a trip up to Sawmill where Andrew ended up canceling his check with an apartment complex up there because of hearing a bad rep about the area. We also just walked around stores and didn’t buy anything, as that would cost more money which we didn’t have. After that I headed over to Peace Lutheran to meet up with Bobby and Ryan at about five and ran some errands. We then finally made it over to Ryan’s for a real game of poker. This time, the real deal, and not online. In attendance was the three of us, as well as David Emch and Mike Snyder. We had a pretty great night! The pot wasn’t huge. We all just put in $3 and played with chips and kept at it until we had first and second place. First place was David who won $12 and second was Mikey who got to keep his $3. I was in third place.. which means I got jack crap. But really.. we weren’t playing for much!

And that leaves us at the present time. I just found out about an hour or so ago that one of the users on MKO actually compromised MySpace and was able to get a hold of my password. Luckily, the guy doesn’t have it out for me and just told me. But damn.. that’s a scary thought that MySpace’s security is at a level where a kid can just go in there and grab it with a little work. So that password is definitely changed. As for what else.. tomorrow will be a very busy day. It will start out with work from 11-6 which I am NOT looking forward to, but after work I’m driving straight to Champs up in Easton for Andrew’s bachelor party. I wasn’t going to have his bachelor party until another month or so, but his brother-n-law is going to be out of the country soon and we had to move it up to this weekend. Nic and Josh are going as it looks like, so it will be nice to have the gang all together again for the first time in honestly years.

That’s it for now.. Good Night.