Just Your Typical Day Off Stuff…

So I was off today.. I’ve got crappy hours for the week. I did get a voice mail from my GM, so I’m thinking he’s probably going to call me in the morning to get me to come in. Which, though I’d like another day of just sitting around.. I have bills to pay so I will work if they call. Today I fiddled around for the most part. I’ve decided that I really don’t want to work for Primearica, or whatever they are called. I’m just not getting a good vibe from it. Soon I will start looking up these other companies that I met from the career fair. Maybe I’ll hear from one of them first. I know I’m getting worried that I haven’t secured a post job out of college but for a few months, but I’ve decided I need to let things play out for themselves. Maybe it’s not my time. I had a friend tell me that I need to stop deciding what my path is, and just let God decide it for me. He knows best, I just got to accept it.

I did however spend the day messing with my MySpace account’s layout. The banner at the top isn’t showing up right, because on my computer I don’t see the ads because I have Norton Internet Security 2005 installed. So I’ll probably slightly change it tomorrow. It’s my first attempt of trying to make my own layout on there, as for the longest time I’ve been completely contempt with just being boring… lol. Hmm also today I received in the mail disc three of the first season of Six Feet Under from Netflix. If you can look past the occasional homosexual make out scenes with David… it’s a really good show! Haha.. It’s a very dark comedy, but I’m finding myself very connected to the characters and in some ways I can even relate to their crazy dysfunctional ways.

Anyway, after dinner I went over to Bobby’s and worked out again, so I prepare to be sore again tomorrow. Good times. We then watched a movie and after that I caught up with Stephanie and got some wings. So overall good times today… Tomorrow like I said, I will probably work.. however tomorrow I’m going to an auto show with a bunch of my Newlife friends.

Can’t wait!