I’ll give you a Brick and a Wood if you give me some Sheep.

Ok, I’ve neglected my journal for a few days and my loyal Scott Howell fan base is getting upset, so an update you shall receive! Though there is so much that has happened in the last few days, so I’ll try to keep this relatively short. Things are going pretty good though in my life at the moment. That seems to be an ongoing trend lately so that is a welcome change. One of the most awesome things that I am excited about is that I’ve started to go back to church. I went to Newlife in Canal and it was great. I had been one time before during the summer, but I’m hoping to get this into a routine. I know this isn’t a Catholic Mass, but I’m ready and excited to try something else. I don’t know exactly where I stand with my Catholicism, but I feel better about my relationship with God lately than ever before and that’s exciting!

That was Sunday. And then there was Monday. I worked, I ate, and then I headed over to Stephanie Hall’s house with Ryan, Bobby, and Stephanie Brady and we played a mean game of Settlers, Cites and Knights. It was Stephanie Brady’s (Stephanie^Beta) first game of Settlers of Catan ever, but she caught on quickly and like a pro and almost even came out with a win. I ended up in second to last place I believe, with Stephanie Hall (Stephanie^Alpha) pulling out the win. It was a really long game, but probably because we were playing the expansion with 5 people. We all laughed, cried, sang, and made funny noises all until the finish. Settlers rocks.

That was Monday. And then there was Today. Today I started out the day by attending a career fair in Columbus. It was really crowded and it took forever just to talk to one company. There was only like 11 companies there so it wasn’t what I had hoped. But I at least got all of my resumes out to some people. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I ran into my old friend Garriet Dennis from college while I was there. I was so excited. We exchanged numbers, so hopefully we’ll be able to hang out sometime. Tonight was group with Newlife. I thought it went pretty well, much better than last week. After that I headed over to Bobby’s and we did our workout, so I’m a little tired. I’m just chillin right now… Can’t wait until tomorrow. I only work till 4, and tomorrow is another night of 8th grade youth group and the Fellowship.

Thank you God for great friends. Rock on.