Things Are Looking Up.

I’m really tired, so this will be short. However, just wanted to fill in the last couple of days. Headed back to Newlife’s youth group on Tuesday. Had a pretty good time. So it looks like I’ll be hanging out there again. As for tonight, it was another week of the Fellowship. Nic and Emily couldn’t make it this time, so hopefully they can make it back next week. I invited my new friend Stephanie to come. She’s pretty awesome, and she says she had a great time so that’s good news. I guess Newlife is having a retreat on Friday to New York. I’d really love to go but I work and unfortunately I’m probably going to spend most of the weekend getting the update done for Matt on his website Wildlife by Design. We met last night to discuss the update and he gave me all of the data cds and materials I’ll need to get that done for him. He paid me in advance my $40 I wanted, so I feel obligated to get that done for him as soon as possible.

Thanks to Ryan today for coming over to help my dad move his 1936 Pontiac from our barn into the garage. My dad is selling it for a corvette. Very awesome. But anyway.. yeah I’m tired. But just wanted to add a quick thanks to God. The past month or so has really sucked, but things seem to be moving on the right path. I just needed to have a little faith after all. Good Night friends. 🙂