I think I’d better think it out again.

So last night was just a grand old time. It was an impromptu party over at Nic’s house. In attendance for the evening was Nic, Emily Huth, Mike, Emily Toops, Anne, Bobby, and myself. We realized that we are not smart enough to play Trivial Persuit DVD Pop Culture 2 Edition. However our I.Q.’s seem to be at a level where we can handle a simple game of Apples to Apples. Bobby was planning on breaking up with his Kim-possible the entire night,  but instead ended up getting drunk instead. That was quite interesting to watch. Not that I haven’t seen him drunk before, but usually I would have been too. Oh Bobby, we love you. It was good times though hanging out with the old High School clan again. As they usually are, so it was expected to be a decent time.

My parents apparently are in Michigan tonight. My dad is going to sell his unfinished 1936 Pontiac in for a Convertible. I’m not sure of the year. So luckily the house is to myself tonight. Bobby’s coming over though actually. I’m bored and I want his other Playstation 2 so he’s bringing that. I think he’s letting me buy it for like $35 or something. Not that I need another game system, but hey why not? So yeah.. that. Work today was ok… I have crappy hours next week. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Matt who owns Wildlife by Design to workout an update for his website that I made last summer. It’s going to be a rather easy update, so I think I’ll just charge him $40. That will cover the Playstation 2 right? Shaw!

That’s it for now. More later.