Jones Soda says I’m going to have a Lucky Month.

Today has been an incredibly long but an unexpected fun start to the weekend. Late last night I got a phone call from Ryan who invited me to men’s breakfast this morning at his church. I went to that a year or so ago, so decided I’d get my butt out of bed early enough and make it by 8 AM. Ryan’s casserole rocked, as did the discussion over John. I got to spend a really long time with Ryan today, which doesn’t happen much to often so I was excited. After men’s breakfast we headed to Harvest Moon and gave Amy Snider a call to see if she would be able to meet us for an early game of Cities and Knights of Catan. We also ran into Joel so we taught him how to play as well. He ended up kicking all of our butts on his first game. After that we were all hungry so we all went to Wendy’s and had lunch. Nothing like going to work on your day off, but you’ll have that. After lunch Amy and Joel parted ways and Ryan and myself chatted up with Nic who was getting off work. Then me and Ryan went into Pickertington and bought Seafarers of Catan and learned how to play that with Nicole and David E. I won the game, finally securing my second much anticipated win of Settlers. Go me! I could have won much earlier but I did something pretty stupid that wasn’t allowed with the rules, but I still ended up with my victory. I love geeky games!

Also ran into the lady doing music for Oliver at the coffee shop this morning too… Ryan and me talked to her and she encouraged us to try out, but honestly I’m not sure if I want to or not. Tryouts are tomorrow night and Monday. We’ll see.. No decision yet. I’ve got most of my work done for the taxidermy site update. After work tomorrow I’m going to stop by Josh’s again and try to upload all of the new pics onto the server. We’ll see how that goes.

Pretty good day.. Catch you next time.