Insert Witty Subject Line Here.

Man, oh man.. Has the last couple of days been painful! Not to gross you out if this is your first time reading one of my entries, but damn did I get a really nasty boil on my hip! The pain was so unbearable yesterday that I went and saw my doctor and he put me on antibiotics. It’s finally starting to clear up and as of this minute I’m hardly in any pain. But was that ever not the case yesterday! I was miserable the entire day. I hadn’t been in that much pain since the time I had my wisdom teeth pulled! I was taking Tylenol with Codeine all day just to get by. Today I only had to take a couple of normal Tylenol as the stupid thing is getting better and the antibiotics seem to be kicking in. I am so relieved!

On a much lighter note, I’m debating if I’m going to try out for a musical over at Wagnalls. The production they are putting on is Oliver, so I went ahead and put the old 1968 movie rendition on my queue at Netflix and received it yesterday. I really want to be in it if I could grab a leading part. Not that I think I’m too good for something less, but I don’t know if I want to put all that time aside for a musical if it’s not a significant role. Of coarse I’m not going for the role of Oliver, I’m way to old.. haha.. but maybe Fagin? Heh, I think I could do it. I’m crazy and goofy enough. I think the only reason I’m somewhat interested in trying out for this is because I feel like it’s time that I do something that I love doing again. With no luck in the job field lately and being back at the hell hole at Wendy’s, I feel like it’s time to do something that I truly have passion for. I had so much fun when I was one of the leads of Show Boat as Cap’n Andy my Junior year at BC, and if anything I can maybe finally get rid of being type casted as that character. Yes, people still recognize me today from Show Boat. That musical was four years ago! Enough! But yeah, I’m thinking about trying out for it. I’m not sure though. I have no clue what age group they are looking for in this production. The ad in the paper just said children and adults were wanted. We’ll see..

Went over to Harvest Moon again tonight. Kinda ditched Josh and Mike who saw Date Movie tonight, ah well. I met up with Nic, Emily, and Bobby and good times were had as Ian from work was performing. Also in the mix of company tonight was David, Chris, and a new acquaintance – Stephanie. Overall it was a nice conversation. I was kind of quiet tonight. I’m kind of out of it so I’ll just blame the Tylenol. Bobby’s probably going to break up with his newest love interest. Prayers go out to him for that situation. That’s it from me, I’ve got work at 11. I’m just going to surf the net some more and head to bed.

ttyl, <3