I have the best friends, ever!

Well, turns out tonight was an even better day than expected. As I’ve made clear in past entries, Thursday was my last day at Wendy’s after my four and half or so year run. Well tonight, some of my closest friends threw me a surprise party to congratulate me on that, and on the fact that next week I’ll be starting my job in the manager in training program at Steak n Shake! 🙂 I was totally oblivious to the fact anyone was planning a party, and it was completly unexpected. The night started out by meeting Bobby at work where we drove over to Three Cups of Coffee where Emily and Peder had a gig. After it was over, Nic said he had to go to the library real quick before it closed.. which didn’t make sense to me as it was 10 PM, but I just let that slide. Then Bobby made me go get gas with him which was probably to give everyone time to get to Emily’s apartment before I got there. The plan was to go to Emily’s after her gig, but I just thought it was going to be myself, Bobby, Nic, and Emily watching a movie. As I followed Bobby into the apartment complex and pulled into the parking spot, he quickly got out of his car and ran up to Emily’s apartment before I had a chance to even get out of my car. I just remember thinking to myself and asking why Bobby was in such a big ass hurry. So I finally made it up to her door and opened it and to my surprise not only was everyone from 3 Cups there, but Mike, Emily Toops, and Josh as they all shouted “Surprise!”. So that was pretty cool. I love my friends. Bobby’s mom even made me a cake that said ‘Congratulations Scott’ that was really good. So we all just hung out and had wings, beer, and talked. We had games, but we just enjoyed everyone’s company and we were treated to a prank call to Bobby’s cell phone from a bunch of Spanish speaking people who didn’t know any English. It was pretty funny.

So, yeah.. had a great evening. Thanks guys! 🙂