In Sight it must be Right, right?

Well today was my first official day at Steak n Shake and I completed my orientation. I filled out so much paperwork and still have so much to continue to fill out it’s making my head hurt. But it wasn’t that bad. The Steak n Shake division office in Gahanna aint all that bad, and I’m just glad when I go to classes on Tuesdays it will be a much shorter drive than to my training store located in Sawmill. I’m going to have to get ready for an actual Steak n Shake Mid-Term and even a Final.. so I’m going to have to force my rusty old brain to get back to work from my past college days. A little overwhelmed by this whole experience, yes. But then again, at the same time I think my attitude and ambition will make my 8 week training not go that bad. I’ll do fine.

I sort of ditched out Ryan and youth group tonight, but I wanted to spend one of my last free nights that I could stay up late with Nic, Emily H., Josh, Emily T. and Mike. We played Scene It! and Disney’s Scene it! for hours, and then watched old band videos that Emily Toops mom burned and put on DVD with menus and the whole works. Nice! Tomorrow morning I hope the roads aren’t too bad, I need to drive up to Gahanna on my day off because I couldn’t find my Social Security Card, and drop off my birth certificate. If the roads are good, I might sneak by my training store and try to find it.

Anyway, I just got home and Alias is over which I recorded on our DVD player. I’m going to watch that now. Night folks.