Ohio winter has arrived..

Today wasn’t so bad, but last night I think I was lucky to get home at all. Everyone and myself played a game of Settlers over at Nic’s on Saturday night, which I happily won. However, during the game freezing rain was starting and by the time the game ended Nic’s parking lot area was completely iced up, as was all of our cars. A drive that usually takes me 15 minutes to get home took nearly 45 minutes. It was so bad that I passed cars in the middle of the road desperately trying to get up hills, to a truck that smashed into a tree. (Everyone was ok, and there was police). I was driving at the max about 10 mph and slowed down to just 5 mph for bridges and turns. I nearly went in a ditch once but wasn’t in far enough to get stuck, and then when I was at Josh’s house I almost went off the road. But, I just took my time and did get home safely… to only make it half way up my driveway because of the ice. I couldn’t even walk on the driveway so I walked the rest of the way up in the grass. Fun times.. though stressful! I hate winter weather and pray that I don’t hit a guard rail or something like last winter.

Today I had the day off, so I watched The Terminal with Tom Hanks that I watched last winter. After that Josh came over and we watched a copy of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children that he got off the internet. My parents were at my aunts all day, but I just didn’t feel like heading over there for the entire day. After watching the movie Josh and I headed to Best Buy where I purchased The Sims 2… I don’t have enough money really to afford it as I just charged over $300 for Christmas Presents, but you’ll have that. I can’t get the damn thing to run good on my laptop, so I played it downstairs on my dad’s computer. It’s a unique game.. I built a family with me as the father, but I’m still learning the ins and outs of it all.

Tomorrow I go into work extra early at 10 for some reason to start my last week at Wendy’s… My last official day is Thursday.. and yes I can’t wait. 🙂