The Yellow Umbrella Tour

I went to the Yellow Umbrella Tour with Bobby tonight at Little Brothers in Columbus. I finally got to see and hear in person who Bobby has been going on about for so long, which is Duncan Sheik. It was a great concert, though late. It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to in awhile to be honest. Also headlining was David Poe and Sarah Battens, which all gave a pretty good performance. David was quite the comedic too I might add.

Last night Nic, Bobby, and I were supposed to go see Strikken. Honestly I wanted to, but as soon as the others found out it wasn’t indeed free but $5 it became out of the question for them, and well I wasn’t going to go alone. So not much happened, except that Bobby and me watched this really odd french horror flick High Tension. Hmm, what else. Well, I did manage to get someone to cover part of my shift on Wednesday so that I can make the career luncheon. I hate the fact that I haven’t found a job yet, as all around me it seems that people are. So hopefully they will really help me and something will come of this. The Halloween party at Andrew’s is coming up on Thursday. I didn’t get Friday off like I requested because nobody cared to read the request book, so the morning after the party I’ll have to drive from Andrews early to make it there on time. I still need a costume for this party. I need to work on that tomorrow if I have time, which I doubt I will. So I’ll probably end up putting something together at the last minute late Wednesday afternoon. Turns out the party has a theme… Zoolander. Great! Just Great!

Good night.