Halloween approaching..

I guess you can say I’ve been busy the last few days since my last post. I’ll start with today and work my way back. Today I had the day off which now is the norm at Wendy’s. I used to always work the weekend, however they started scheduling me Monday through Friday. It’s actually, for the most part, been rather nice. I enjoy having Saturdays off like today, esp. during this time of the year because I have been able to catch almost all of the Ohio State Buckeye football games this season. I missed almost all of them due to work last season. So that’s what I started off doing today at noon. Buckeyes won another game, this time killing Ryan’s home town of Minnesota. A couple of hours after the game I met up at Peace Lutheran Church with Ryan and Bobby as Ryan had asked me a few days earlier to help me car pool the youth kids to and from Hell Escape. That event was at Fairfield Christian Church in Lancaster and is basically an acted drama of a boy named Danny who drinks and drives after a party and kills a women and her unborn child in a car accident, along with one of his best friends. Overwhelmed from all the guilt that he faces and his unwillingness to accept Christ into his life, he ends up taking his own life. It was a very powerful live drama that reacted the car accident, the hospital where his friend died, as well as the funeral. It reminded me of Chaz Black’s mock funeral we did back in high school. After Danny is put face to face to Jesus where he realizes that it is too late to go to Heaven, he is taken to Hell where you meet the devil and his fate to come. Everything was done so well. The acting was pretty great. I really felt as if I was in an actual hospital as I watched the drama unfold. The people dressed up as demons screaming at you as they walked by might have been too much, but overall it was a great experience and I’m sure the kids of my youth group took something away from it. At the end of the drama you had the choice to walk out of three doors. One labeled Heaven, one labeled Hell, and one with a question mark. I chose Heaven as I’ve already accepted Jesus as a part of my life, however if you chose the question mark door you were led to people who were willing to talk to you and help if you had any questions. One of the kids Tyler in our group chose the question mark door. It’s just my hope that the rest of the kids won’t give him a hard time about that. As for the Hell door, I don’t know what was on the other side of that. I wasn’t going to find out! After getting back from that Bobby and me dropped by Harvest Moon and chatted with Dana and Nicole for an hour or so.

Last night, (Friday) wasn’t that bad. I worked and after that I went over to Bobby’s with Ryan and we caught up on a game of Settlers of Catan. Bobby was really sick at the time and kept having to leave to throw up. That amused me, but he was very dedicated to play the game! After that I went home, because I missed the showing of Saw II that Josh and Mike went to see. I wish I had someone to see Saw II with. I kind of want to go see it. I have a coupon to see a movie for only $3.

Thursday was a much more eventful day. Again I worked, however after that I drove up to Columbus to Andrew’s apartment and met up with him and his fiancée Amy. It was their now second annual Halloween costume party at Amy’s house. I went last year having a lot of fun, so I sure wasn’t going to miss out on the chance to go again this year. The theme of the night was “Derelique” from the movie Zoolander. I wore this crazy blonde wig with a grunge type of suit outfit with radical shades. Like in the movie I had trash bags as part of the outfit. Soon I will try to get the pictures from Andrew so you can see them. We had a lot of fun. Someone in particular who I wanted to meet couldn’t make it, but that was no worry. After the party Andrew and myself had a few more drinks at his place and played some NCAA ’06 on Xbox. We then talked about old times and the wedding to come in June. It was a great night, and hopefully I’ll have the chance to hang out again soon.

Tomorrow they’ve asked me to work, so I need to wrap this up and get some sleep. I get to work with Nic tomorrow, so I’m rather excited about that. This could be (for real this time), one of the last times I work with him. We hardly ever work as I now don’t usually work Sunday’s. Nic’s got a job at the health department now, so he really only works and opens on the weekend. The reason why this could hopefully be one of the last times I work with him (even though that’s sad!), is because I have an interview sometime during this coming week with Steak and Shake corporate for their management training program. Yeah, I know.. not exactly where I wanted to be heading but it’s going to offer a lot to me. More money than I’ve ever seen. I would be extremely comfortable financially and would be able to get an apartment soon. They’ve been interested in the past as I talked with them at a career fair, however I was hesitant at first. But I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve never really thought myself as being a manager, but the pay is great at Steak n Shake and I’m hoping if I didn’t become interested in becoming a General Manager..I could try to grab a job in their corporate division office in Gahanna after completing the training program. Everyone is reminding me that if I don’t like it I don’t have to stay, but that I should go for it as it would be great experience and it would be so nice to finally have money. Wish me luck my friends…

And with that I’m signing off. I might… stressing the words might work out in the morning before work. I’ve had to skip a couple of days because of the party and I didn’t get around to it today. If not I will definitely do them after work. I’m kind of liking the whole routine actually. Anyway.. good night. God Bless.