Coming to you LIVE from Bobby’s

Ok, that was a little dumb. I admit. Bobby’s writing a novel over here next to me on his MySpace, but I’m going to keep tonight’s update pretty short and simple. Last night, I did end up staying home. Nic invited me over to Emily’s apartment for Kirsten’s send off to Europe for two months. Instead I just stayed home and did my workout. I’m pretty sore lately, but that’s a good sign I’m told. Today started out with just work. There’s particular days I need off next week, and I don’t think Brent has paid any attention to those requests. I’ll have to deal with that later. I got off at 4 today, and went home and my internet wasn’t working. Which is rather annoying. It just wouldn’t connect, and it did the same thing last night at about 1 AM. I apologize to whoever I was talking to last night with my abrupt exit like that. After dinner, and complaining to my folks that we can’t get broadband in this area, I went over to Bobby’s and we went and saw DOOM, the movie, with Josh, Mike, and Emily Toops. It was actually a pretty good movie adaptation of a game. Now I’m just back over at Bobby’s making use of his wireless DSL. I want some of my own at home. Anyway, I’m about to leave here.. Tomorrow is the Buckeye’s game at Indiana… starts at noon. Go Bucks!