Jacob Trevor Scott Woodard

Today my third nephew Jacob entered the world! It happened about 2 PM Mountain Time I think. I was kind of surprised to hear he was born today, as I was just talking to Carrie last night on the internet till the late hours of the night. I’m so excited for her and Chris. I did get to talk to Carrie for a little today, but Chris was out. Though however, she tells me he’s very excited. As soon as I get pictures I’ll post them here, I’m just as anxious to see him as anyone! Also, so you know I will be his God Father, just like Cole.

In other news on this fine day.. wrapping up school. My Senior Project Presentation is on Tuesday and all is basicly done before graduation. My parents leave Saturday to go see Carrie, so I’ll have the house to myself for awhile… going to try and organize a paaartay of some sort. Speaking of parties, me and my school friends are going out next week, and I also plan on having a party or something at my place soon.

Also.. me and Amy are going to head up to Boston in July I think to visit Bobby and Nic. Well us and a few other people, need to run that by Emily. Should be fun.. Anyway I’m tired from school, bible study, and Dairy Queen, so I’m going to make this short, check up on some things online, and call it a night.