Today was my last day at DeVry University

After 3 years of tests, homework, meetings, group time, cafeteria food, and countless trips to and from DeVry University, today I finished my education! Excitement is only the beginning of many ways to explain how I feel right now. To give an idea of what this week has been like, I’ll just break it down.

My parents have been out of town for over a week. After Jacob was born, they went to North Carolina and picked up Carrie’s other kids and made the trip to Texas. With them being gone, I of coarse just couldn’t let such an occasion be not used for something fun, and something fun was an understatement! As soon as they left for Texas I planned a huge graduation party at my house. I made invites, spread the word, and my party took place last Saturday. It was incredible! Mike and Emily came early and helped decorate and I made a bunch of funny signs that everyone got a kick out of. Leading up to my graduation party I was very nervous, for one I had never thrown a house party, and two my parents have no clue it even happened! It was BYOB and I’d say somewhere around 15, maybe more, people came and gone. My friends from school like Mayling, Mike, and Jay even made a stop and that really made me happy. It was good to see them there, as well as all of my old friends like Eric, as well as newer friends made throughout the past year from the coffee shop like Amy, Rachael, Nate, and Clark. I was really able to keep it under control, minus a little craziness from J.T. I hadn’t drank in awhile, but you know it was my party, and I deserved to drink. Heh, looking back I’m a little embarrassed to have my friends from school see me drunk, but hey. It really was a great time and it meant so much to me that so many people actually showed up. It really made me feel great! I picked up most of it the day after work. I was really hung over from the night before but finally started feeling better by the late afternoon. Aunt Debbie, Alyssa, and my grandparents took me out to dinner that night too. What’s funny is my aunt insisted on picking me up and she wanted to drop something off at the house, so I literitly had 15 minutes to get the entire house back in order. I had already torn down all of the signs and streamers, but it was still quite a challenge.

After the party passed I took a couple days of rest from all the madness and today was my last final with Welsh. It’s just overwhelming to be done! I met up with everyone down in the cafeteria around noon and did some last minute studying with them, talked about old times, and then got some cash for some of my used books. After the final, and after downloading some pictures off dad’s email, I headed to my car and when I got in I just shouted really loud out of  all of my excitement that was built in. That didn’t end the day as tonight I also went up to Champps at Easton and had dinner with a bunch of my senior friends including Matt, Mayling, Sarah, Dan, and Tanya. It was a great time and I’ll see most of them again at Mayling’s huge party on Saturday.

So that leaves Sunday. This Sunday comes June 19th. The day I have been waiting for for over three years. My graduation. It’s going to be a very exciting day, but also a sad day as I might never again see some of my friends I’ve been able to fortunately have as part of my life. Then starts the job hunt. No interviews yet, but I’m praying and hoping things will come my way.

My parents are home around Friday so I’ll be spending the next few days cleaning up. I joined Netflix so I’m going to try to catch up season 1 and 2 of 24. Also, I think I’m going out to lunch with Shellie tomorrow, so that should be fun. With that, I’m out.