3 Weeks Left Until Graduation!

Still catching up from the madness that was E3. I can not believe there is only about three weeks left until graduation. I’m finally about to be done with classes, done with tests, and done with studying. Some of my friends in other senior project groups have already presented and it’s killing me that I have to wait till June 7th to get ours over with. My team is pulling a 97% in the class right now, so even if we do so so on the final presentation, we’re pretty well set for a decent grade. Today at school was pretty pointless, just watched presentations and we really didn’t even have class in Ethics or Business Policy. Both professors weren’t there. So during the two hour block of Ethics myself and my friends Mike, Paul, Matt, Mayling, and Sarah got lunch and talked about old times ranging from topics from high school days to all of our funny college experiences. All of us are going to go out one night before graduation after our finals are completed and head to Easton and have dinner and drinks. It should be a great time. There’s some other events on the way, like our Senior Dinner on June 7th as well, so there’s a lot to keep us busy.

This whole idea of graduating from college seems almost strange for me. I am excited but it is a much different feeling than what I had in high school. I really have no direction now, that you get during previous years of your life. I’m pretty much going to be free as I try to find a job. Also, the friends I have at DeVry are nothing like the bonds made in High School, but I’m still really going to miss them. We’ve been with each over for so long, something you don’t get in normal colleges. We’ve had practicly the same classes off and on since 2002 seeing each other even through the summer. It’s going to be kind of sad not seeing them anymore. Honestly, I don’t know if we’d ever see each other again.

At least everything going on now is keeping me busy. I haven’t even had time to really sink in the fact that Bobby and Nic are in Boston. In fact, since I got back from E3 I’ve yet to hang out with anybody either at the coffee shop or my other good friends like Josh and Mike. I had planned on maybe catching Bible Study tonight, but the text message I got from David said they were planting trees over at New Life and I was already tired enough, so I just chilled tonight finally getting a break from all the school work. I’ll definitely either hit Harvest Moon tomorrow night if possible and maybe try to hang out with Josh. As for the rest of the weekend, I have a lot of work to do for college…

So, Conan is finishing up on NBC. This means it’s time for me to get to bed. G’Night.