Still around… still busy.

I haven’t posted in here since November. I think it has something to do about the month of December, as if you look in the archives of this journal I didn’t post in December of 2003 either. Ah well. As is always the case at least twice or more a year, I needed a break from here. My life is just getting really busy nowadays. As always it’s because of school. School’s almost done for me for good. Only five more months and I’ll be graduating. Only God knows where he’s going to take me, but I really am hoping to end up in Chicago. It’s scary not knowing what’s going to become of me this summer. As all of my friends will be still in school, I’ll be stepping into the new “chapter” of my life, or whatever you want to call it, and going on to bigger and better things. I’m glad Bobby’s coming home in February, as if I do end up moving out of state this summer, I want to spend as much time as I can with him and the rest of my friends. As far as life goes, the holidays have passed and they definitely had their ups and downs, but everything’s coming around. For one, my sister got re-married in Texas a couple of days ago. So I now have a new brother in law Chris. Who would have thought? He’s really cool, we had a lot of fun when he was here for Christmas.

Right now I’m just trying to get a job for this summer, a real one, as opposed to a fake job like Wendy’s. We’re working on our resumes in Career Development now. This term will be over the end of next month, and then only four more classes; three if you don’t count Senior Project. So March through June is going to be intense as I finally finish up my enrollment at DeVry. It’s been for the most part a nice ride, but I’m really ready to move on. What else is going on… Hmm. Well Nic turned 21 last week, and we surprised him by taking him out to dinner, got a few beers, and went back to Emily’s apartment and played Twister. That was a blast. Most of the night was just talking about old high school memories.

And really, that’s about all that’s happened since my last post. I’m sure once I graduate things will get a little more exciting. If you’ve noticed I redesigned this blurty some, it now matches my new layout over at Gone is I’ve tried to make a more professional looking website, as it’s currently listed on my resume that I’ll have completed by the end of this month. I hope you like it..

Still no girlfriend.. I’m pretty happy about that right now as I don’t think I can find the time for something like that. But I think I’ve got a good shot come this summer once I graduate, esp. if I end up in Chicago. Well, that’s about it. As always… keep it real.. have fun.. drive safely in this shitty winter weather…