Elf is a really funny movie.

I’m really really tired, and the only reason I’m still up writing this is because I think it would be worth remembering later down the road. I’m not even feeling that great after eating some White Castle about an hour ago, so note to self, when I’m reading this months or years down the road, say to yourself how stupid you were for staying up after you’ve already tried going to bed once.

The day started out with work, the usual. I’m not even going to go into specifics about that because quite frankly I don’t want to remember it. During work however, Ryan called and left a message asking if I wanted to do anything. The big Ohio State – Michigan game was today. I didn’t even get to see it this year, save the last few minutes, as I forgot entirely to get it off work. I really didn’t care however considering the Buckeyes record this season. Needless to say the Buckeyes owned Michigan with a score of 37-21 I believe. Anyway after coming up and watching the end of the game, taking a shower, changing, and re-changing (Yeah.. guys do that too!), I was told by Ryan to meet him at Harvest Moon. Apparently Justin had a surprise birthday party planned by his wife, so me and Ryan had to keep him pre-occupied for a couple of hours. His wife Amy dropped him off at the coffee shop, but he just thought she was getting something special ready for him for his birthday with just the two of them. During that time myself, Ryan, Justin, and Mike played a game of Euchre. Then it was time to take Justin home.

It was funny actually, as we drove him home, he had no clue about the party, and we left and drove around the block and drove right back. He couldn’t believe we knew the whole time and kept it from him. Ryan and me however didn’t stay at the party long- it was a bunch of people from Young Life. I recognized some people though from the party at the Brick House that me and Nic went to a couple of months ago up at OSU. We ran into Meredith and Ally (sp?) who I had met at the Brick House party and had just bumped into again last week. Personally I would have liked to stay longer as there was a lot of college girls there, but as the norm they all about seemed joined to the hip to another guy. So we left and went back to Harvest Moon and played Yahtzee with Mike. Then me and Ryan almost decided to go to the Brice Outlet and see a cheap movie, but we ended up taking up Meredith’s offer to watch Elf over at her apartment. I had been there before when we went to the Brick House party as well. They’re pretty cool people. The movie was great, even the second time. After that… well me and Ryan hit White castle… which was a bad decision.

Exciting eh? I know, not really but hey.. I’d like to remember it. No reason other than, at least it wasn’t a Saturday where I sat around and did nothing. Now off to bed again. Night.