Finals week approaching

As is the norm, updates to this journal are few and far between. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a full time student, run a popular website, and hang out with friends. Once finals week settles down next week, I’ll try again to keep this updated with more than one or two posts a month. Here’s what my life has been up to lately:

  • My sister came home last weekend with her boyfriend Chris. Carrie lost the kids as far as being the main parent. It’s sad, but hey it’s life. At the same time, I’ve grown to like Chris a lot. We have a lot of the same interests, something that I’m finding new in this guy. We get along great, and we’d even pick up a few rounds of MK: Deception each night and battle it out. Turns out Carrie and him are getting married in December. So another wedding is on the way for my sister. She’s had a really tough year, but hopefully things will get back into the swing of things for her. She deserves it after all this. I love her, what can I say?
  • I’m ending my status of Junior at DeVry University. After two and a half something years, in about a week I’ll be Senior once again in my education, but this time in college. It’s unbelievable, I’ll be graduating in 8 months. This term is in need of an end.. I think I’m going to do ok, I’m hoping to only get one C this term. Project Management has been a bitch. Social wise at school I’ve become pretty good friends with Matt, Mayling, and Mike.
  • I went to Ryan’s youth group that he runs tonight at Peace Lutheran with Nic, we’re kind of running it with him now. It’s fun, I enjoy working with the kids. They’re all in Junior High I believe. Next week I think Nic and me are going to lead it ourselves, as Ryan is going to Israel. I think the kids liked me a lot and I set a pretty good impression to them tonight.
  • The third presidential debate ended tonight. Everybody seems to think John Kerry’s won these debates, but I still feel very strong that more people realize George W. Bush is who we need as our commander in chief.

It’s gonna be a busy time after finals are over. Mostly because of our site. Mortal Kombat Deception came out on the 4th, if you get time check out pictures from my promotional set. I’m headed to Chicago during my break on October 24th, this should prove interesting as I’m going to be driving there. I’d fly but I waited too long to get a flight, but I’ll save money I guess this way. The trip according to MapQuest is like six and a half hours I guess, so I’ll manage. Going to meet up with the MKO’ers again as well as my friend Andrea. I’m really excited to see her for the first time, as well as her sister and the other guys. My life seems to be revolving around meeting people over the internet. I don’t understand sometimes why I’ve gotten to do such rare opportunities, but there’s a good reason I’m sure.

My life is taking such unexpected turns. It’s pretty funny when I can’t talk about half of it because fans from your website might read it!

Oh and I promised Shelly a shout out on here, I didn’t forget! 🙂