Just sitting here thinking about stuff. I feel really unmotivated the pass few days. I realized a few minutes ago I never did my Project Management homework. I haven’t read Case for a Creator in a while, and I feel like the days are getting shorter and shorter. I’m not that motivated for this term yet. No rundown of classes this semester…. You’ll just have to catch them while I talk about them. I think my problem right now is getting priorities straight. I have so much in my head its hard to put it all down in front of me and just do it. Part of me wants to do nothing but school work and get the best grades this semester. And it’s not too late at all, if I just motivate myself from this moment till Monday morning. I got homework I need to do when I get off work tomorrow, so I can’t fall into the usual trap of hanging out with friends.

Maybe that’s it. None of my friends are in school, all they want to do is have a Hey Day every day of the week. And I’ll be honest I want to be there having fun, it’s hard to say no when Nic or Josh, or whoever calls you up hoping to hang out. So here I am trying to juggle school, friends, and of course the website. God, It’s always the website. Part of me is just sick of it, it’s important to me because I know I have to stick around if I want that job with Midway, I mean I do have fun with it, I love it, but at the same time I wish it would just go away. I spend too much time worrying why our server isn’t running correctly now, and how we’re going to plan out V7 for September that I don’t worry about anything else. It’s not that important. I’m putting more and more of it in the hands of Scott Bishop, simply because I don’t have time to deal with it. It’s been months sense I actually contributed an update to the news. But here I am still doing it, because I know if I don’t play the role of manager on the site, V7 will never get done, and there’s hundreds of fans who want nothing but new content and what not.

Drives me nuts.

Give me the motivation someone to get my priorities straight.

I have a sleeping problem, I go to bed way to late, and I get up too late. I waste half my day sleeping. The alarm doesn’t wake me up. I pretty much hit the snooze over and over for sometimes two hours at a time. I think I’m going to finally move the alarm to a different part of the room. I’m curious if that will confuse me in the morning and wake me up. I’ll set it for 9. That way I can straighten up my room some more and maybe start reading Case for a Creator again before I head to work at 11:30. Oh God, don’t even get me started about work. I’d get a new job, but I’ve yet to get my other priorities straight.

I’m a mess.

Till next time….