End to yet another great weekend.

I don’t know where to start, I mean this was seriously one of the best weekends ever. I’ll just break this down day by day:

Friday: It started out with a long day of classes. Had a networking test, which I think I did decent on. This was the first day we had to go back to lab at 4, so thanks to Christy for chatting with me at the end of my ridiculous HTML coarse before heading to the lab. We learned how to take any piece of fiber optic cable, cut off the rubber, take the different wires which were all kinds of colors including orange, white, green, and then some… putting them in the right sequence, crimping on a connector, which would give you a new ethernet cable from a larger one. I’m sure most computer dorks already knew how to do this, but I didn’t and it was rather interesting. My partner was Tim, and I hope he doesn’t think I’m an idiot, because I accidentally cut my wires too short for the connector and we had to do my end over. Go figure, I’m a retard. 🙂 After being at school from around noon to five, I didn’t even stop at home. I went straight to my good old friend Adam’s, and met up with my other friend Chris, the cop guy who used to work at Wendy’s, and played some Halo till I had to leave about 8:30. It’s something we used to do every Sunday last summer. We always play capture the flag. My team consisted of Adam’s sister Bethany who’s my age, and her dad. We got our asses kicked. But at least I scored a couple of times in my team effort. After that I headed straight to Harvest moon and met up with Nic and Ryan. They were talking to Jessie (the blonde one, man I really need to get their last names straight). I looked like complete trash. Had a t-shirt and jeans on and a Budweiser ball cap, and was really scruffy. Heh, we all deserve dress down days once in awhile. Shortly after talking amongst all of us Nic, Ryan, and me headed to Wal-Mart and did some shopping. Afterwards we went to the cheap theater at Brice Outlet mall and saw The Last Samurai. Good movie.

Saturday: I started off the day by working 11-4. Nothing special there except the usual. Afterwards, I headed home and cleaned up and went to my cousin Alyssa’s. Her, Aunt Debbie, and me went to the Crackel Barrel and had a really nice dinner. Next we went up to Pickerington North and saw The Little Shop of Horrors. Alyssa’s boyfriend Dustin was the voice of the plant “Audrey II”. He was hilarious. Uncle Bill met us up there. I must say it was a little awkward. It was the first time in a nearly a year I had seen him, since they got the divorce. But I can’t help it, regardless of how I might feel about the whole issue, he’s always been a great uncle to me, and It was really great to be able to see him and get a chance to catch up a little. And I also think he was excited to see me as well. After that, he went out with Alyssa and I went back to my Aunts and had some awesome cheese cake.

Sunday: Well today was just exceptional. It started off dreary with another day at work. We were really busy and I was the only one on grill again. After work I visited Josh, who I haven’t seen nor talked to in like two weeks. And for us, that’s a long time. I invited him to come along for the events that proceeded but he just wouldn’t come. After getting dinner at McDonalds by myself and saying hello to my folks at home, I went to the coffee shop to meet up with Ryan. I headed over about 8ish and brought some stuff to study, but I ended up not staying because as soon as I got there Ryan wanted me to go to Wal-Mart again and get some stuff for the events that I just mentioned that I wanted Josh to attend. The event was none other then the first “meeting” at Ryan’s apartment of a future unprofessional and relaxed Bible study group with all of the people who have come to know each other through Harvest Moon and have become friends with Ryan. I’m telling you, Ryan is a great guy. He’s almost like a role model to me. He’s only 21, and he is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Me and Nic have started to hang out with him a lot and we have become really good friends. Well since he’s at the coffee shop so much, and even myself to put it simple, we have made a lot of friends there. So it was Ryan’s and a guy who’s name is Justin, to have this young adult youth type setting at Ryan’s apartment every Sunday Night at 9:30. The majority of us our in our 20ties. And there are even a few young married couples. New friends from the coffee shop came too, including the two Jessie’s.. and even Rachael and Leah Chen. Who would have thought. I feel kind of rude, I really didn’t reintroduce myself to Leah, I’m not sure if she even remembers me. But I don’t want to introduce myself as “Hey, I’m the guy that hung out with you and your sisters back in my freshman year when you were kind of seeing my best friend Andrew!”. Heh, that might be a little awkward for her. But back to the group, there was somewhere around 15 people, all regulars from the coffee shop. Nic and Emily came as well. We just spent tonight giving introductions. But honestly like, I’m so happy to be doing something like this again. I like socializing, and its something I kind of stopped doing once I became an upperclassmen in high school. But anyway, can you believe it. Me? Going to a newly created Bible Study group? I know, I don’t believe it myself. Now if I would just start going back to church I’d be in business. At least I finally have a reason to collect the dust off my student bible that I haven’t read in years.

And that’s that. I mean, maybe for someone, this wouldn’t have been a great weekend. But I’m just really proud of myself lately. Coming out of my shell has always been a hard thing for me to do, unless I’m acting in a school musical or something :-). I thank God for the new friends I have made, I look forward to the months ahead. And with that, good night guys.