New web domain ready

I’ve been rather busy the past few days. The weekend turned out all right. Since my mom is in Georgia with my Aunt Debbie the past few days, I stayed home with my dad and watched a movie with him. Sunday night I went and hung out with Nic and we played pool and talked about good times. School is not keeping me that busy yet.. No big tests or any quizzes yet. I figure I might as well enjoy this why I can because it’s not going to last for long. Tomorrow, I have school again, and I work from 5-10. I got called in to work those hours earlier this evening, and I said yes immediately because I wanted those hours in the first place and Candace didn’t give them to me. A day or two ago, I purchased my e-ticket for United Airlines for E3 in May. I leave at 6 PM on May 11th, make a stop in Denver, and end up later in Los Angeles at 9:15 or so. I’ll be leaving May 15th in the morning around 10 am. to go home with a stop in Chicago. It’s really going to be an awesome trip.

As for other things… this journal will soon be replaced. (GASP!)

I have registered the domain through for a year. Cost only $8 bucks, plus I made my whois entry private for an extra 9 bucks. Thanks to Joe and Scott Bishop they are letting me use their servers as my DNS and Secondary DNS so I have free hosting and all the bandwidth I’ll ever need. What does this mean for my Blurty? Well the new site will have a new journal which I will be referring to as my weblog in the future. The site won’t just be a weblog however. It will have all kinds of cool content, pictures, and more. I’ve always wanted a personal webpage and now it’s finally going to happen. As for, I’ll just eventually close it and direct people to the new site when it’s ready. To get an idea of what my new site will be like, it will be based on the same code as my friend Alexander’s site at The layout won’t be the same, but have a lot of the same type of content and structure. I can’t wait to get it done 🙂