E3 next month.. my week, and start of weekend.

Honestly, it is getting close. I’m almost getting nervous about it. Me, flying alone, to Los Angeles, staying with 3 people who I only know through my website over the past years. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. (Nervous in a good kind of way of coarse) I’m starting to make the preparations now so we are ready for our announcement on Mortal Kombat Online on May 1st.

As for what’s going on in the present, I’m slowly getting a new hair style. I went to a stylist in Carroll that my mom’s been going to for awhile. I’m going to grow my hair out longer then its really ever been. We’ll see how that goes. As for other things.. last night was productive I guess. I got a new cell phone. My antenna kept breaking off my old phone, and I finally lost the attenna the other day. I renewed my plan and got a Nokia 3100 and replaced my roadside assistance plan with unlimited instant and text messaging for three months. My phone comes preinstalled with AOL Instant Messenger. It’s kind of cool, yet now I get a lot of messages through my phone throughout the day and it sidetracks me. Not to mention it takes forever to reply back, even with predictive text on. Also last night I headed to Chris’s apartment and we got a little Halo action going on. It was pouring and I could barely see the reflectors on the roads in Pickerington. I felt like I was driving blind.

What’s going on at DeVry…. took a miserable Finance test last week. It would be really nice if I passed it.

Moving On… tonight was a nice evening. With Nic hanging out with Emily and Josh probably being busy tonight playing games or what not, I figured it be a pretty boring Friday Night with me staying at home sitting in front of this laptop all night. However, thanks to good graces from up above, I have new friends to hang out with when my buddies aren’t around. The night started out at Harvest Moon, my usual hangout now, and I was greeted by Ryan as always. The Bloom Carroll High School Jazz Band was there playing too. That was a pleasant surprise. Tara and a few others saw me and got all excited, that made me feel good. I said hi to my old director Jamie, I haven’t seen him since BC did the musical “The Music Man” way back when. There really wasn’t much to do so me and Ryan just drove around and about and talked to Mike and April who work at Harvest Moon for most of the time. We later ran into Jessie Craigo who was studying. Yeah I finally got the two Jessie’s last names straight. Jessie Craigo is the blonde who is 24, a senior at OU. Jessie Snow, who’ve I’ve only ran into so far while blotting and at bible study last Sunday at Ryan’s, is the brunette from Columbus State. Finally got that straight, so I can now just refer to them by name on here. Jessie Craigo is 24… I’m 20.. Hmm. Anyway.. heh.. Ryan and myself made her come with us to BW3s. The three of us had a good time I must say. She’s a lot of fun, glad I can call her a friend now. We played that trivia game and probably stayed at the place for like an hour and a half and just talked. Actually Ryan did most of the talking about how he wants to make a trip back home to see his “interest” Bethany, since he promised this girl he’d come visit about a year ago. He really wants to go. He claims it’s because he’s a man of his word, but me and Jessie are convinced he just really likes her still. 🙂 Good times.

New friends are great. Well it’s getting late and I have work in the morning. Till next time!