If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.

Tonight was another great start to a weekend. Myself and Nic invited Ryan to come along with us to see the new movie with Angelina Jolie, Taking Lives. It was one of the best suspense thrillers I’ve ever seen. The ending is just incredible. I highly suggest seeing it. Before the movie, I had stopped at Wendy’s to meet up with Nic who worked till 8 tonight. Finally saw our new chicken sandwhices.. Nothing exciting. I miss the evening atmosphere at work, where everyone including Cindy (who just got promoted to assistant manager), just screw around and have fun. Cindy informed me like she always does that I’m sexy, I wear nice clothes, and she wishes I was a couple of years older. Hmm. Can’t beat a manager having a crush on you. In all seriousness though, I think I am better looking then what I used to be. If I’m so “sexy” and “nice” looking though.. why am I still single? The mystery remains that.. just a mystery. :-). Oh well. It’s still fun hanging out with the guys. Esp. tonight. Nic finally got to see what Ryan’s apartment looked like. It really is a nice place. Makes me wish more and more I had a place of my own. That day is getting closer by the coming months and days. Andrew left me a voice mail, and apperently he’s going to be in the neighborhood soon, so I’m going to try to hang out with him. Haven’t seen him since before Christmas. He’s got an apartment too.. Man, I’m starting to feel jelous.

Anyway, I wonder what I’ll end up doing tomorrow. Well work in the morning is the obvious answer, but that still leaves the late afternoon and evening. I might give Josh a call, but I think we’re all tired out of playing all of his latest video games. Maybe I’ll just go to Harvest Moon and see if Ryan is there.. Maybe one of the Jessie’s will be there too, didn’t see them tonight when we picked up Ryan. Oh, when I was driving home tonight.. that song played again. I mean.. it’s not a big deal that the song was playing.. it’s just whenever I feel like listening to it, it comes to my mind, I turn the station.. and it’s playing. Like on cue or something. And it’s always right before I pull into Castlewood where I live. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it’s almost getting weird. Tomorrow my mom is leaving with Aunt Debbie to go to Columbus, GA. My grandfather, better known as PapPap isn’t in the best of health right now. Say a prayer for him, if you’re the kind of person that does that sort of thing. So it’s just me and dad over the weekend. Which reminds me, I shouldn’t spend all the weekend out. I feel bad if he’s like here all alone for the night. Besides which, I really need to reserve that plane ticket for Los Angeles now… before the prices go up again.

On a last note… I’m actually designing a new webpage. I’ll try to have it ready sometime in April. (Watch that never happen) It will be based on the layout of this journal, but include all kinds of other material and not just a weblog. The weblog will be part of the site, but I will no longer be using this Blurty service if everything works out. However, I’ll be able to have all my entries on the new system thanks to the magic of XML. I made a prototype of the website earlier today, but I don’t want to show it off yet. I’m thinking about getting an actual web domain to go along with it. It would be relativly cheap, considering I can just have MK Online be the host. I’d just have to pay a small fee for the URL. I’ll let you know the progress of that big project as it comes closer. It will be awesome!

Welll cheers to you, and goodnight.