Weekdays, Smeekdays

My HTML class continues to be a joke. The Professor doesn’t know shit. I had to correct him today because he kept messing up. It’s rather amusing. I’m going to like this class, because I can just sit there with my laptop up, and surf the web wirelessly on my Dell, along with T.J. 🙂 We have the same notebook. I kind of feel bad for T.J. though because he wasted his money on an external miniPCI card. Yes, he has to have a miniPCI card to work together w/his NIC to get on the wireless network at school, however.. not an external one with the antenna. For our model of notebooks, which is the Inspiron 5100 series, the antenna is built into the monitor of the actual laptop. What he should have bought was the internal TrueMobile 1300 WLAN (802.11 b/g) miniPCI card. I forget how much it was, but you had to check it on Dell’s website when purchasing your laptop, if you wanted them to install it for you. That’s the whole reason I got the 5100 series, because of the built in antenna, so I wouldn’t have to plug in any additional cards into my one available PC card slot. I’m not sure what I’ll end up using the slot for in the future, but if I ever need it for something, I’ll know I won’t have to sacrifice my wireless in the process. Wireless owns at college. I hate using a cable as the medium. The only problem is, the wireless only seems to work on the left side of the building and that’s really annoying. Anyway, yeah T.J… you screwed up. T.J. also happens to use the same flash drive as me, even in its 256 MB form. None of us have floppy drives on our laptops, so it’s become the more flexible way to transport data from machine to machine. It’s an expensive lil’ sucker. Cost me nearly $80. I had a 128 MB one of a different brand, but it just stopped working one day. Really pissed me off. However, I truly believe that someday these flash memory drives will replace floppies all together. They are great, and all you have to do is plug it into any USB port.

Hmm.. what else is going on today. The sniper shooter here in Columbus has been revealed and is apparently on the loose. It’s catching the buzz of national networks like Fox News. Watched American Idol tonight, like the dork that I am. Some good talent.. but Geesh, I can sing better then some of them 😛 With that, I’m being wanted on AIM, so good night folks.