I don’t know why I’m up. It’s really late, and I should go to bed right after I update this. So, I probably will. Today was boring, I worked in the morning and was harassed all day by our district managers, then I headed on up to DeVry for Finance. I got my HTML lab done for tomorrow, was that ever a joke. Nothing really exciting happened today.. I don’t know what to talk about.

Well, we could talk about Red Hat Fedora. Last semester I installed the Fedora Core distribution on my laptop. I used Partition Magic to split up my drive into the separate partitions to get it working correctly, and installed it as a Dual Boot. So it’s really cool, when you start my computer up I have a choice of loading Windows XP Professional or Fedora. Thing is, the distribution doesn’t have all the correct drivers on the disc for my laptop. That means it’s basically doing me no good having the operating system on my laptop. It doesn’t recognize my modem or my NIC (Network Interface Card), so I can’t get online with the operating system. I might have Bishop look at it when we meet up in LA. If he can’t help out, I might just get rid of it all together, since I’m not using it and it’s just a waste of my hard drive space. Oh well, I had fun installing it.

Another thing, though somewhat unrelated… is that I’m really pissed off I can’t get broadband here. Here I am covering the next installment of the Mortal Kombat series, and I won’t even be able to play it online. It’s depressing. Xbox Live is a great service… If only I could get cable or DSL to support the damn thing… Guess I’ll have to move out of the house come October, just to get a high speed connection. 🙂

Um, I’m tired. Goodnight.