Let the good times roll.

It’s a pretty busy time right now. When we last left off I was mentioning my trip to BGSU. That was awhile go, but it was a lot of fun. Right now.. I’ve just finished the term minus four finals I have this week. Like always, things seemed to come together and I got all of the projects completed. The toughest of the group being the database project. The team and myself pulled off a pretty respectable presentation, and Prof. Covensky’s comments were strangely nothing but good remarks. However, I think we got like an 89… I don’t think she gave anybody an A. Makes me a little aggravated because she wouldn’t shut up about how great we were, but whatever. Back to now however, I’ve been going on a lot of trips. In fact, just yesterday was my second trip to King’s Island Fear Fest. This time around it was me and Steve again, my old friend from the CIS program, Greg, another CIS guy I knew before I switched majors, and Nic. Lines were much longer this year around and I think me and Nic as a total only ended up getting to ride about 4. But, it was still a lot of fun. I was the one driving, and it’s amazing my car hasn’t died yet. It’s been having problems with acceleration, which was just fixed for the second time last week, and is already giving me problems again. Thankfully I don’t believe I will be the one driving when me, Nic, and Bobby make a trip down to Athens next weekend to visit our friend Adam. He’s the guy we used to play Halo with every Sunday. Well him and his sister Bethany attend school up there, so that’s why we are making the trip. Bobby might have this secret little crush on Bethany, so I’m sure he’s excited. She’s around our age and actually played Halo with us a few times. I’ve never really talked to her, she was on the other team, and my only words to her were “Hey for crying out loud, stop killing me!”. For a girl, she’s pretty good. 🙂 Anyway, the plan is to take Adam and Bethany home on Saturday because their break will be starting.

I’m kind of on a Matrix kick right now, I’m sure it won’t last too much longer. The kick started last week when Matrix Reloaded came out on DVD.. I bought it, and just today I ended up buying the first one. It was probably a silly thing to do considering I had rips of both the movies on my laptop, but ah well. Just preparing myself for Revolutions on November 5th. That’s about it, after the Athens trip, I’m on break for a week but my wisdom teeth will be coming out. My recoup time will probably be used getting some things done with MK5.org. Speaking of which…. Joe, thanks for reading. 🙂