Anybody else notice the cold weather?

I have about three weeks left in this summer term. As is very obvious, I haven’t been writing near as much about my daily school routine because for one, I don’t have time. It’s been extremely busy. Doing ok… Not so well in Accounting, but I still got a big test and a final to pull that up. Thank God for test drops. Everything else is doing ok.. even Statistics to a point.. What I really am focusing on right now is the Database class. I’ve been doing a big project that me and four others have been working on the entire term, and we have to present it on October 10th. It’s taking a big chunk out of not only my time, but my sleep. Even with days where classes are scheduled at 2 or 3 I’ve been coming in early in the morning to meet up with everybody and work on the database. The database is for a ficticous company we created called Just Candy Inc, that sells, you guessed it, candy bars. It’s a database comprised of about 3 tables. Order, Candy, and Reseller. The reseller table being for our list of vendors that sell our make-believe candy at other stores. With those tables we’ve created 12 queries, all in SQL used in Access, that do a number of different things to sort all of the information. We are only required fifteen entries in each table so the dynaset results are rather small. Today we got done with the fourth phase. We’re having a little problem getting Malikah’s switchboard imported over to the database on my flash stick. So.. we’re probably going to have to just make it from scratch again, unless we figure it out in lab tomorrow. This database isn’t the only project I’m working on.. I have two weeks to finish my project in Visual Basic. It’s a program I have to build from scratch implementing everything I’ve learned over the trimester. I’ll probably begin it next week. It shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. There is also the big accounting project I’m doing with Sarah, Jessica, Herb, and T.J. Accounting is not my best subject, so I think I’m going to bug Travis for some help. I have two weeks to get the horizontal analysis done for our company we picked, the Campbell Soup company. Everything mentioned beforehand is keeping me really busy. In November though, I’ll be in all new classes again. I need to schedule soon with Cindy. I hope I can get a day off in the week, that was great during the spring term.

School isn’t the only thing I’m busy with. MK5.ORG is second on the priority list for reasons I can’t really talk about here. Things are rolling along pretty good. I had a few disputes with my team and I think maybe a few hurt feelings, but that is how business works I guess. Soon we will be opening our new clothing store in addition to all of the game items available at the MK5.ORG Online Store. We will be able to pertain a license from Midway for using the Scorpion design on the back of our t-shirt, however we can’t do that until Joe talks to his accountant and gets our website under his company name. In the mean time we are working with to get some items up in the next few weeks. They will include Polos with logo embroidered on front left, T-shirts with a gradient logo on front without design on back, black ball caps with logo embroidered on front, url on back and.. for the girl fans, a ladies’ T 😉

I’m also saving.. haha.. right.. saving.. for my trip to Los Angeles for E3!! It’ll be here before I know it. It’s going to be the coolest thing in the world, I’ve just got to be able to save all the cash. I’ll probably have to get a new job to be able to go. But I will do what needs to be done, because I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I found airfare as low as $258. I’ll be leaving on a Tuesday night, May 11th regardless and coming home on a Saturday. It’s going to be so awesome to meet the guys at the site finally. Not to mention Ed Boon, and celebrities that make appearances.

October 18th, I’m going back for the second consecutive trip to King’s Island FearFest with my friend Steve from DeVry. He’s inviting two of his buddies he’s in CIS with, and Nic is coming with me, and probably Bobby. It’s during the night till 12 am, and it what makes it so much fun is that it’s not crowded and there is very small lines if any. Hopefully this time around I won’t loose my wallet to the Son of Beast again.

Kings Island is just one of two trips I’ll be making. This Friday I’m driving up to Bowling Green University and staying with Alisha and Katy for the weekend. Here’s to hoping my car doesn’t break down on the way up. So as it seems, fun times are ahead. It’s going to be a nice distraction from the usual school routine.

Till next time.