Georgia was on my mind..

Hey, ok I tried to pull myself away from this computer as long as I could, but it finally pulled me in. I’m still on that vacation of mine. Right now I’m in Fort Bragg, North Carolina visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and my nephews and niece. But before I get to that, let me just make the point that the past few days were spent in Columbus, Georgia (Yes.. Columbus) visiting my Grandma and PapPap. It was quite an interesting visit 🙂 My parents and me, including Cole, who we took back home to my sisters last night, did a lot of resting, but when we weren’t resting we were checking out Andersonville. That little city is where a Confederate Prisoner of War Camp was located and where sadly enough, thousands upon thousands of Union Soldiers died due to starvation and horrific conditions during the Civil War. There was also a huge cemetery with all of the POW’s who died. All the head stones were really close together because they buried them side by side. After that we drove around for what seemed like eternity checking out sites, but one of the last stops was kind of interesting. We saw where our 39th president, Jimmy Carter, was raised, and his current home, all which was in Plains, Georgia. That’s about it so far, while in Georgia we also visited my Aunt Ruth, Uncle Wayne, and my cousins Amanda and Mary. That side of my family cracks me up. Uncle Wayne has a huge thick beard and rides Harley’s. Not much else to note, except that my grandparents have the cutest dog, named Charlie. It’s a Chinese Pug, just like the one in the Men in Black Movies 🙂

Last night we came to Fort Bragg however in North Carolina. Not much going on yet. Everybody’s sleeping right now and Eric’s at work. Carrie, me, and Dad saw a Chain of Command around 8 this morning, it was really cool.

I’m about to take a break from here, so to end this I’ll just mention my laptop’s already been shipped, so expect my next update on it 🙂 . Also.. I got my grades!!! And I’m excited! I got an A in Advanced Comp and an A in Speech. And got B’s in my 3 other classes. I got no C’s so that makes me really happy.

That’s it, when I get home, I’m going to upload some pics from our trip so far and show them on here. Lata’.