There’s no place like home.

Heys. First off this is my first ever update w/my new laptop computer 🙂 Very excited. I know I promised pictures when I got back home from vacation, but my parents went on another trip, to Gettysburg, and they had some of the pictures on their digital camera still that I wasted to post up here. So they will be up soon. As for that vacation, I’ve been back a few days now, it was a nice relaxing trip. It was good to see everyone. As for the past few days until tonight, I’ve had the place to myself. It was so nice. I spent most of the time however spending it w/friends. Went to Gameworks with Mike and Josh one night.. That’s a whole lot of fun for just about 8 bucks. Also, I got to see Andrew yesterday and today. We rarely have the chance to hang out, so it nice. We’re seeing T3 tomorrow I think. I was supposed to see it with the other guys tonight but I wanted to watch the first two first. So if you’d like to know what I’m doing tomorrow when I wake up.. I’m having a Terminator marathon :-P. After I decided to not go see T3 this evening, I got dragged into seeing Charlie’s Angel’s 2 with Alisha and Katy, and their friends…. (I know you’re probably reading this Alisha.. so I’m kidding I wanted to go, haha 😉 ) Yeah that move is as much a chick flick as it gets. It was kind of funny though. Alisha and Katy sure did seem tolike it, they laughed about it the entire way back to Alisha’s. From there, Katy took me the rest of the way home, and we got to catch up a little too.

On an unhappy note, my cousin Mike from Georgia, who’s a few years older then me, was shot 4 times last night in his sleep, once in the head. I could have the details wrong, because we’re going by speculation of my grandparents at the moment. But one fact is, he is in critical condition as of earlier tonight. Please say a prayer for him. I’m not too close w/this cousin and haven’t seen him in a few years. He lives kind of a shaky life, and hangs out with the wrong crowd, does drugs, and what not, so what happened isn’t entirely shocking. But he has been able to talk and was able to tell police who shot him. Regardless of if I disagree with his choices in life, he’s my cousin, and I’m praying he’ll make it through this. So if you want to say a prayer, many thanks. It’s weird that we just got back from seeing my Aunt Ruth, his mom, and his two younger sisters, Amanda and Mary just last week.

Ugh, I hate to end like that but I’ll end this up in a happier note. I have a few more things planned for my summer vaca that should be fun. Here’s to hoping the 14th will never come and just skip to my birthday on the 16th 🙂 Lata’