Finals week nearing an end……

You haven’t heard from me much because it is that dreaded time of the semester for me called finals… Actually so far.. with the two I’ve took.. I think I’m doing ok. A senior friend, Jason, sent me his study guide outline he made up for the final for Management. He took the test early because he’s graduating and also let me know ahead of time some of the stuff that was on the test. Not answers.. I didn’t cheat. The final really wasn’t that bad. I also got a 96% on that case study our group did, so maybe my grade in their won’t be that bad after all.

Then today I took my Sociology Final Exam.. It wasn’t that hard, Maybe I’ll do ok.. the lowest I will get is a C (I’m talking about the class as a whole, not the exam).. It would be really nice If I pulled off a B though. I only did bad on one test, which was a D (My only serious mess-up the entire semester).. but I mean I did ok on everything else and even though she never told us what my group got on our speech, I think we did ok.. a grade of B is still a possibility.

After Sociology I usually go home, but I had to go to Speech today, to listen the rest of the speeches people and myself have been doing for our finals in that class. Man.. the speeches today sucked except for one or two.. They were terrible. To my complete astonishment, me and Randy got a 100% on our final/speech! I got an A on every single speech this semester, so I most definitely have an A in that class. Out of all of the classes this semester I’m going to miss this one the most. I made a lot of new friends, which I’m probably not going to have anymore. I’m really going to miss Melissa. We’ve managed to be in classes together since last summer, she cracks me up, and it’s always been so much fun to tease her. But I’m in BIS.. and the chances of us ever having classes together again are slim. I will miss the other guys, like Brad, Randy, Cory and Josh…

Also, done are the days of me having class with Steven Mayes, my friend who I just happened to know from Sunday school years and years back. We had a lot of fun, hopefully we’ll go to Kings Island again w/the DeVry guys in October. Yup, being a BIS major means I’m gonna loose a lot of friends from the CIS group. However, I’m slowly making new friends in my own major, so hopefully that will fill in the gap.

I have class off tomorrow, but Friday I take my last final, which is for BIS 150. I already did the lab portion, which I had to run up to school on Monday. I should get an A or a B in that class. As for my only other class, English, I was long done with it last week. I think I have an A, but I wasn’t very proud of my last paper. But if Prof. Keller grades my english paper as easily as she did my final speech in that class.. Maybe it won’t be a problem 🙂

I am so less stressed compared to last semester, I think I finally got into the swing of things. I’m going to enjoy my break of coarse, but once I start back up July 14th, hopefully the trend of doing good will stay.

On a new subject, Sara Hardie works at Wendy’s now! That surprised me a lot, but that’ll be cool, it’s just for the summer since she goes to Bowling Green, but It’ll be cool to work w/her. Well that’s about it from me, I’m gonna be on vacation from this Sunday till about the following Sat, the 28th. Going to visit my grandparents in Georgia, and then Sister in N.C. Also.. my nephew Cole is visiting his other grandparents in Coldwater now… I think they are bringing him here on Friday actually, and we’re gonna take him home :-). Anyways, that’s it. Night all.