Journal 2.0… Heh..

Today was spent doing absolutely nothing productive.. Since I have tomorrow off, I couldn’t get myself to do anything.. I did work though.. Most of the fun was last night.. The typical, go to Nic’s house routine happened, and it was myself, Josh, and Bobby. We talked about the craziest things from ghosts to how the brain works.. You can say we were a little bored.. Since today was spent doing nothing at all, I’ll be rather busy tomorrow. Have lots of homework to catch up on, as well as an extra credit assignment I want to do, but it would require driving up to school.. and after work.. I just don’t know if I’m going to be in the mood :-).

As for the subject, I spent part of the day upgrading the look of this journal.. Hope you enjoy. It wasn’t easy at all. Blurty doesn’t have any advanced options, so I had to look around the web on how to write code to change settings and what not. I like what I’ve done though.. Hit me with your thoughts and comments. Seriously, I miss them! Also, I think I’ve convinced BobbyD to start a journal, however he’s having some problems setting it up.

And that’s how the cookie crumbles. Till next time.

(Update 12:45 am – Thanks to my friend Potent_Seed from #mortalkombat for making this L33T background for my page!)