Today was full of surprises..

It’s a rather personal issue, so I don’t want to get into it here, but I found out something tonight, family related, that shocked me! It’s nothing bad, don’t worry, just something I never knew. One of those secrets people wait years and years to tell you, until they feel it is the right time. Never could have imagined tonight I’d learn something like that. But it’s all good and gravy though now, and I’m glad I was told 🙂 . Again, nothing serious, so don’t worry.

Ah, the rest of tonight was typical though, talked to people online and I chatted. Learned a great deal of things tonight, not only about someone else, but also myself. From today on I’m deciding to change my old habits and break them, and try things differently in life. Sound crazy? Maybe, but this post is more of a mental note to self about certain things I learned today, most by complete surprise!

Good night all, got class at 11.. Need sleep, Lata’s.