Life goes on…..

Hey everyone! I know it’s been quite a few days since the last update, here’s what’s going on in my life. First, like always is school. You’re probably getting sick of me talking about it, because most of you are on your summer break. Well it’s going ok.. Honestly at this point I can say my grades will be decent. I’m expecting All A’s and B’s with the exception of maybe a C in Sociology, since I really didn’t have time to study for the last test with all of the projects I’ve been trying to collaborate. However.. I’m not sure.. I very well could still pull off a B if the presentation in their goes ok, which I’m kind of weary on for the time being. Also, there’s still the Final.

Speaking of finals, they are fast approaching.. two of mine are actually going to be early next week on Week 14. For Prof. Keller’s English class, we just have a big paper due Thursday.. heh, which I need to start.. and in her speech class I have one final presentation on next Friday, which I believe is going to be our final exam for that class. I should be getting A’s in both those classes… So that’s great. Honestly, that’s all I have left for this semester, besides Management and BIS 150 finals along with that Sociology one in the last Week 15 of the semester. It sucks I have two presentations and a paper due next week, but I’ll get through it.

Already have my schedule for summer semester starting July 14th… Four classes like I mentioned in a past update.. but instead of taking my last English coarse and holding off on Stats.. I’m going to take Stats anyway. That leaves my schedule with Stats, Accounting, VBE, and Database, As for how my schedule looks.. You think it would be better since I only have 4 classes, however.. Database is 3 times a week with lab on top of that. I no longer have any days off like Monday anymore, and will have to get used to going to class again 5 days a week. What also is a major concern is that all of my classes are in the late afternoon! My earliest class is at 1, with the rest of the days starting at 3! The earliest I think I get out is 5, but most days I won’t be out of class till 6.. This poses a problem with Wendy’s… I have plenty of time in the morning to work, but not enough time to go home, take a shower, and drive back up to Columbus… I might have to get another job after all.

As for jobs, I do have one special job offer.. which I can’t really touch too much on here, but I’m hoping it pulls through.. If not, there’s some other opportunities I might have. Some reason I’m nervous about getting a new job.

As for other things in life.. I’m getting my scholarship check from Wagnalls next week.. and instead of putting it towards school this semester.. I’m going to put it down on a notebook. I expressed to my folks how important it is for me to have a laptop, and it would really be a life savor for school and presentations. After I get that, I’ll get some flash memory storage, since the model I’m looking at (Dell Ispiron 5100, now), has no floppy drive. The 3rd thing on my wish list is my own telephone line for my room… Yeah right.

Once my break comes.. I’m going to North Carolina to see Carrie, Eric, and the kids, then going to Georgia to see my grandparents.. I might be going somewhere else too.. I’ll let you know about that if it works out. Also, the rest of my short vacation will be used sleeping, because I’ve seriously overworked myself these past few weeks. But I plan to set plenty of time to hang with my friends, and I’m hoping to get together with some people if possible.

Well it’s late, if you’ve gotten this far in reading, you must really be bored. I saw 2Fast 2Furious tonight, I thought it was great… but as always we were late.. and we had to sit in the first row.. Well I’m off to bed, have a lot of projects for school to start tomorrow unfortunately. Bye guys, oh and girls!, and thanks for reading 🙂