Typical Monday..

I’m going to make this brief because I really should go to bed early. I really don’t want another repeat of last week. I think this week will be better.. Here’s hoping :-). Highlights of the weekend include yesterday when after Nic and me went fishing, we went to Eric’s and shot an AK-47. Yes a AK-47.. Those guns the Iraqis fired at us during Operation Iraqi Freedom, you know that whole war that happened… Yeah, one of THOSE. Me and Nic were a little uneasy.. esp. me, I’ve shot a rifle and a BB gun maybe twice in my life? Graduating to a semi-automatic AK-47 is a big jump.. But was it ever an awesome experience. I would never own one though.. why Eric bought it is beyond me.

In other news.. I took time this weekend to just relax, it was nice. A year ago today I graduated from High School. Crazy… next month I’ll be a sophomore in college.. Crazy.

Until Next time..