I’m still here.

Hey guys.. updates have been kind of sporadic lately, I know.. Getting closer and closer to my small summer break and things are just really intense at school right now. Today was just miserable as far as school is concerned, just a really really busy day. I’ve had little sleep for the past few days.. I know I’m up this late.. but I’m going to bed right after this, and I get to sleep in till 10.. so that’s enough sleep for me.

Finally got home around 5 today.. took a nap, then headed on over to Nic’s. Soon Alisha stopped by after she got off work, followed by Josh, but all of us didn’t really get to visit, some crisis going on w/Josh. Josh and Nic finally came downstairs, I think they seriously forgot me and Alisha were down there waiting for them.. heh.. anyway at that point Alisha had to leave. Then.. me, josh, and nic, watched some of the Show Boat play from two years ago, because they find it rather amusing seeing me beat myself up and walk and talk like a girl. Heh.. After that, we just hung out a little, and now I’m here.. talking to you 🙂

Wish I didn’t work tomorrow morning.. But need the money. Not much planned for this weekend, going to try and take it easy and relax after this week. I’ll have more to say later this weekend I’m sure. Take care all.