Between Class..

Yesterday’s update obviously never came. Not much productive happened really… I had Sociology and when I got home around 11ish I actually slept most of the day untill it was time for me to head to work at 4… After that I watched American Idol.. Heh.. Anyway, Clay didn’t win, but hey it’s cool. As for other stuff…. this week isn’t as busy as the last, but I do have to get a huge lab done. I think the English class I just got out of is doing ok… My group got a 100% on our Informative Synthesis Paper. As for speech coming up at 11.. She just threw this new presentation on us. It’s a persuasive arguement speech that me and Mark have to give next week on Creation Vs. Evolution. I’m hearing from the guys around me in the lab now that our stupid outline is due at the end of class today. I don’t feel like thinking or working right now :-P. Everything in Speech is so fast paced, but I guess that’s College right?

I installed Mozilla Firebird, an open source browser onto my computer last night.. I’ve tried the original Mozilla, but didn’t like it because it seemed to be a resource hag, but Firebird, based on Mozilla, is stripped down, less bulky, loads as fast as IE, and renders most pages just as well. I kind of like it. I just put it on my shared drive at school, so I can use Firebird, (like I am now), at any computer in this school.

Corey just showed me where I can get a Thumb/Pen Drive for only $50 that holds 256 MB with a $20 rebate.. Ok I’ll talk more later, Corey just came over and now we’re having a debate about the metric system. Lata’