As we go on… We remember… How our lives change..

So Friday.. Pretty intense day at school. I’ll just put it lightly.. I have way to much homework to start tomorrow. I’m giving a speech next Friday, and I’m totally unprepared, but somehow.. someway… hopefully I’ll get through it.. As for last night, for the most part it was fun… Me, Nic, Josh, Mike, Emily Toops, and Kyle from work were going to go see Bruce Almighty w/ Jim Carrey ok? Well.. I met Nic after he got off work at 9.. in plenty of time..(movie was to start at 9:45).. well Josh calls me and he hadn’t even left Mike’s yet. By the time we all got to Wendy’s and left for Pickerington.. we got to Marcus about 9:25.. and guess what.. it’s sold out :-(. So we went all the way back to Josh’s and watched GhostShip instead, and whew.. that was good. After the movie I did something I’m not too proud of and is reminiscent of my chaotic state from last summer, so I’m going to skip over that. heh.

So Saturday…. which is today. The only thing that happened of interest was that I went to Katy’s graduation party. I’m really glad that mess I had myself in with her is over. It’s really weird she’s graduating now and that I’ve been living free of high school for a year. I’ll be honest, I will miss her when she goes to BG, along with Alisha who’s going to be her roommate. But, the time has come for me to move on from that. When I left and we got to talk a little as she walked me out… it was almost as if we were settling our differences with each other. I had it really bad for the longest time, I’m glad reality hit me when it did. But today I think we both, well at least me, realized we need to be friends and put it behind us. We promised to keep in touch, so that’s cool.

Nobody wanted to do anything tonight.. so I’m stuck at home.. I really need to get a hold of Andrew soon. I feel bad for not hanging out with him in so long.

Good Night.