Rain..Rain.. Go Away…

Looks like it’s time for another update. As always, I’ve been busy as usual and time for updating just hasn’t seemed to be available. But I’m sure you’re sick of excuses so I’ll just move on. Today sure has been a rainy day. I got soaked walking to my car around 4 after class, and continued to get drenched as I arrived at Wendy’s to drop off my schedule. A giant downpour just stopped actually; it’s quite annoying because whenever it rains here, these damn cannons go off. Seriously. It’s supposed to break up hail, but what good is that when there isn’t any hail conditions? They are so loud I can put my hand up to the wall in my room and feel the sound waves through my palm. I really don’t feel like explaining all the school work I had to complete last week, as it is a painful memory, however I did get a 98 on my latest speech. I also got an 85 on a paper I wrote for BIS. Man, she grades harder than my English Professor. I get A’s on all my papers in that class, why not here? My weekend ended up alright, Friday I saw Matrix Reloaded with my friends. I really enjoyed it, but it seemed me, Nic, Emily, and Josh all felt differently about the movie on the way home. Story wise… maybe it could have been a little better, but I’m just into the action anyway. It was awesome. Someday, I too will be able to kick hundreds and hundreds of Agent Smith clones’ asses all at the same time :-P. I was up till around 3:30 that morning, so going to work the next day on Saturday was not easy. Nic and me later hung out and went to Gadzooks because they are having a liquidation sale, but actually after what I learned today in Management it shouldn’t be called that because they are not going out of business, they are only getting rid of their men’s product line. I should consider going back there, Nic purchased a nice sweater for only 5 bucks. On Sunday Kirsten was going to come up, but she got her wisdom teeth pulled on Friday, and wasn’t up to it yet, which is understandable. I decided instead of bugging Nic and Emily that day, to get some stuff done around the house, homework etc. Kirsten will get better, so I’m sure we’ll hang out soon enough! Speaking of all of them, I’m a trend setter apparently; Kirsten and Emily both started their own journals last week. 🙂

As for school this week, the end of the semester is near, so all of my professors are piling on the work. I don’t know how I’ll get it all done. I already know I’m not doing any of it tonight, just don’t feel like it. This week I have a gigantic lab for Access due, a speech to get ready for next week, a Management case study to work on, as well as studying for our essay text next week, and finally a speech that needs to be ready by Week 14 in Sociology… *sigh*.. It’s week 11 now… Week 15 is finals..

As for MK5.org last week, the guys are back from LA. All went great, and as expected. Great things are in store for myself and the website in the future. I’m already planning for next year’s show. I’ve been scouting out Notebooks. While I was working in a group of 3 in my English class today completing a paper, I noticed this one guy in my group had an Apple PowerBook. He was connected to the internet at the school wirelessly. It was cool. Apparently DeVry installed a wireless network in the last couple of weeks. I’ll be buying my notebook hopefully with an internal wireless network card, so I don’t have to stick anything in my PCMCIA slot. That my friend, would be considered “un-cool” to all of my computer friends at school! :-P. Being able to use the wireless network at DeVry would be awesome. I don’t have broadband at home, or a second phone line, so I could download all my music and movies from school, then bring it home, and transfer it onto my PC in my room, if that’s what I wanted to do. I’ll also need a network card, internal or external, because when I meet up with the guys in LA next May, we will be staying in a Ramada Inn, most likely sharing adjacent rooms. Anyway, Scott Bishop will bring a WAP/router and hook it into one of the room’s high speed internet connections. Then myself, Justin, and Joe, with our laptops with our wireless network cards will be networked together using the wireless access point, and the router function will get us onto the internet. Bleh, how’s that for geeky talk? But basically the point is, we’ll easily be able to access our site’s chat all at the same time, and our website, and have a much easier time giving updates for the fans. Right now the notebook I am looking at is a Dell Inspiron 1100 that has a 14.1″ or 15″ display that is 1.75″ in size when closed. It has a Celeron processor at 2 GHz, 512 MB of RAM and a 60 MB hard drive.. That’s some really good equipment.. probably better then what I need, but it’s under a thousand dollars. I could work an extra day for awhile to pay it off, or not, if I get this new job I’m hoping for.

That’s my life today, more tomorrow.