E3 Coverage coming soon..

MK5.ORG LIVE FROM E3 2003Scott Bishop informed me he got his badge for E3 in Los Angeles for the 14th. They have access to just about everything now, even the conferences behind close doors. It’s a special badge that says “Midway Games”, has their name on it, and “Exhibitor” in big red letters. Our contact at Midway made a goof like I mentioned earlier and Justin’s pass has my name on it. I’m telling him tonight that he’s sending that back to me when he’s done with our coverage.

I’m going to hold my breath while, the 3 closest friends of mine on the internet get to have fun in LA. Can’t wait unitil next year, when I’ll finally be able to go and meet them all. Our live coverage starts on Wed. May 14th through the 16th at my website – http://www.mk5.org/