I know this is updating a little too much in one day, but deal with it. I just got back from a perfectly good night of hanging out at Mike’s and their band practice and watching Metallica on MTV Icon. I’d like to bring up a point that these were all friends from High School. As far as Nic and Josh are concerned, today was their last day of school and they are off until the fall. It really sucks, because I won’t get to hang out with them when they do everything, but I somehow got through it last summer, I can deal another plus the entire month of May. I was just reading through people’s online journals like mine and it kind of irritates me that certain people who are fortunate enough to live away from home are whining so much about having to go home for a few months. The fear of having to live with their parents for that long is painful to them, and some of these people are even arguing that they don’t want to see their old friends.

First off, as far as parents are concerned get over it. I’ve been living with my parents these last nineteen years. I live at home because where I go to school at the present time, it makes sense, because my school is really expensive. Living with my parents isn’t the greatest thing in the world, but I’m mature enough where I can handle it and at least try to make it a nice atmosphere. Who cares if you have to go home for a few months. You’ll live.

Secondly, I’m getting sick of so many people crying about seeing their “old” friends back home. I happen to be one of those old friends from back home, and it hurts my feelings to think that people that have moved away that I have become close to after all these years don’t even want to see me, an old friend. Sure you can miss your “new” friends, but for us people living at home, we are still attached to our old friends. Sure I have new friends at DeVry, I have plenty, but it’s not the same as if you were living with them. But regardless, give me a break, you should be happy to see old friends. If anybody out there is complaining about seeing old friends, maybe I don’t want to see you either.

Oh well, they can think what they want, I’m very happy with the friends I have and will build on those friendships and make new ones too. And I promise you now, once I get an apartment I’m still going to be friends with all of you.