And we chill on Sunday..

Haven’t touched this in a few days. Not because there isn’t much going on, but simply because there’s been so much going on that I haven’t had time. Instead of updating I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep. Don’t even ask me what happened Thursday, I don’t remember that day, so I’ll just go on about the weekend so far.

Friday was presentation day for Speech. Being the procrastinator that you all love and know I pretty much ended up writing the speech the night before. I wrote a pretty good speech. I won’t bore you too much what it was about, it was about the five different conflict styles of working in groups. It was a “Group” presentation, so there was 4 other members in the speech, but I not only had to cover one of the subpoints, but being the team leader that I was.. I did the intro and conclusion as well. I did ok.. however I know what’s going to end up on all of the evaluation sheets for me. “Don’t hold your paper so close to your face”. I can’t help it. Yes, I was at a podium, but I’m so blind I can’t read the paper when it’s just sitting there. The rest of the presentation by the others was a little scary, but Prof Keller loves us and I’m sure she gave us an A. After the speech was done I had Management. We’re doing a case study in groups of five and it amazes me even though everyone in that class is older than me, some even seniors, that I am already the team leader of that group. I have so much projects coming up and I got mad when everyone just sat there and didn’t want to talk. So I did the talking for them, assigned them all stuff to do for our next meeting. Why do I always have to take charge? Is everybody too lazy? I’m the laziest person their is come on! If I can take charge, why don’t you?

Moving on to Friday Night… The plan was to go to Josh’s and watch the Matrix, but plans changed, for good reasons of coarse. I went out with my new friend Kirsten, along with Nic and Emily. I had a great time, hope to hang out again. We’d probably all do stuff more often, but the summer’s here and eveyone’s going home except losers like myself. Hopefully when Falls around we’ll all get to hang out more often, because she’s cool, and lots of fun. Not only that, It was fun hanging out with Nic and Emily, since I’ve never really done that. Oh and btw, I found out certain people found and were reading this journal and now I’m embarrassed 😛

And today. I worked, it sucked. Moving on. Went back to Nic’s and met up with Eric and Steph, went fishing and shared old stories in Nic’s basement 🙂 . That’s always a lot of fun. It’s times like those I’m so glad to have the friends that I have. They are all so great, and so much fun to be around. Well, I’m going to talk to some people on AIM then head to bed. Tomorrow I’m going to Erin’s graduation for college.. Not sure where, but it’s like 2 hours from here.. Ahh. It’s going to be a long day, on top of that it’s mother’s day. I’m out guys. Take Care.