1 Point, Scott

Today has been great. The speech in English went well, not too much work done in classes, and something cool happened. First I wanna talk a little about E3 in Los Angeles this month. Turns out we got 3 passes instead of 2, one had my name on it, but I can’t go. I called Scott Bishop today and apparently he can go now. That’s great because our coverage of Mortal Kombat: TE will be awesome, but I’m a little jealous that the three core members of the MK5.org staff out of the 4 (I’m the fourth), are getting to go. So it sucks I’m going to be left behind. I really want to go, but the money isn’t saved and I really don’t want to skip all that school this term. Next year like I said before, I will go, and we’ll all get to meet. It’s going to be one of the greatest experiences. Hopefully I won’t get skrewed like New York City when I went in November w/ Nic and missed the press event by one day.

In other news, I’m excited because on the 18th I’m going on a little trip with nic to see someone again, who I um.. met at Alrosa last weekend… Is this really happening to me? It can’t be, but..but.. it is!! 🙂