Procrastination – The Key to Success

My it’s getting late again.. I fear going to bed tonight because I have a very busy week ahead of me. I have to take two tests this week, one in management with the other being a mid-term over the many different ins and outs of Excel – a spreadsheet program. It’s not over the basics either. This is advanced stuff, fundamentals in Excel was two trimesters ago. I actually think I’ll do ok. I remember struggling in COMP 100 last summer doing the spreadsheets in Excel. I have a much better professor this time around and I’m doing pretty well on all of my labs. After this test, I will start working with databases in Access. I’ve never used the program before, so I’m kind of curious what it will be like. As for how management will go.. I think if I get myself to read the chapters by Thursday I’ll be fine. I’ve had Prof. Pahanna before for Intro to Business last summer and her tests weren’t that difficult if you just read over the material.

On top of the two tests this week I’ll need to write an outline for my group presentation I mentioned earlier by Thursday since I was elected the group leader… (much to my own dismay). At our meeting last Thurs… they were confused thinking we give the presentation THIS Friday.. but now that I remember correctly Prof. Keller said we’d be giving the speeches the first couple of days in May. Which now makes sense that our outlines are due Thursday. They were all supposed to email me by midnight tonight.. with their skit ideas.. Only Randy did, and that was just in the last 30 minutes. I figured they would all forget. Glad somebody took the time. Oh well.. I think part of the idea of this group communication class is to make us get used to poor group communication and for us to experience how groups never do what they are told. However.. that doesn’t help your grade now does it, when people don’t do what they are required. It’s frustrating.

Cindy Bigler, one of my counselors at school was calling my house yesterday. She’s like the nicest person I’ve ever met. I met her when I was having trouble last semester and was struggling in a major I should have never have been in. She grew a liking to me and now she’s going out of her way scheduling my classes FOR me so I can still get out in time. She is also setting me up with the best professors. I don’t think I deserve this special treatment from her, but I really appreciate it.. it’s one of the main reasons I’m trying so much harder in school now. I’m afraid to let her down! Anyway, looks like I’ll be taking only four classes in the summer. Which is great! But, it’ll come with a price. I’ll be taking statistics and an accounting class :-/. Along with that I will be taking a database coarse which will probably extend to what I’ll soon be learning in BIS 150. I’m not sure what the fourth class was off hand.

With all the tests this week and all of this thinking ahead already for summer term I still have a lot coming my way. On Saturday, me and Steve, will be going to a “bat mitzvah”. It’s a Jewish celebration of a girl around 13.. I forget what they are celebrating. My partner Joe, at, is Jewish so I’ll have him remind me :-). Anyway I’m not going to a Jewish service like this just because I’m bored. It’s required for Sociology as we have to take part in some type of “Cultural Experience” other than our own. After we go, we have to write a paper about it, which I think is due about week 10. On top of that, just about the same time – me, steve, and this one girl.. I forget her name, have to give a group presentation about a Culture. I don’t think we’ve picked our topic yet, but Steve really wants to do it on Pigmys.. these little short dudes… Anyway back to the Jewish thing, it should be interesting and I bet me and Steve will have fun. Steve’s been a friend since first semester. We used to attend Sunday School together back in the day.

Well that’s about what’s going on for the next week or so.. I’m supposed to actually have part of this paper written for English tomorrow… I’m just not in the mood to write. (I say this as I write a huge update for my journal! 😀) I have to write an analysis on that Freedom of Speech video we watched and then write an opinion about the major points of the video.. I think that part of the paper is called a critique.. I forget lol. It’s not really “due”.. but yeah it needs to be started.. I’m drained now… so I’m going to try to get up a little early so I can write it then, or just go to lab a little early and start it. I write better under pressure. Seriously.. a lot of papers I write under pressure I get 100’s on. It’s a mystery.

Well, I want at least six hours of sleep so I’m going to be heading out. Later.