Mommy, where do Lizards come from?

Sorry… that subject title was on a SOBE energy drink cap I bought today at school and I found it rather amusing. That’s about the only amusing thing going on this week. Last night I was rambling on about all the stuff I have to get done, and it really is a lot.. After this update I’m going to start studying for my management test on Thursday because I have to spend tomorrow writing a speech and making up an outline, on top of that.. writing up a paper for Advanced Comp. This week is really stressful so I have to break up the day before I start studying. I’ve only been home about an hour. I want to share an exercise we did in Management today that was kind of fun. We are a big class around 40 students, so we had a great debate about this story below.

Here’s what I want you to do. After reading it below, rank the characters in this story from whom you feel is the most unethical (rank 5) to the one you feel is the most ethical (rank 1). The five characters in this story are Delilah, Tar, Hank, Will, and Rocky.

There was a large river that flowed between two islands. After a very heavy rain the bridge was washed out that connected the two islands. Delilah was separated from her lover, Hank, who was on the opposite island across the river. Delilah wanted to be with her lover so she went to the riverboat captain, Tar, and asked him to take her across the river. Tar said he would if she would spend one night with him!!! At first, Delilah said no. But as time went on, Delilah grew more lonely and desperate, and finally conceded to Tar’s demand. Tar honored his part of the bargain and took Delilah across the river to Hank. Delilah proceeded to tell Hank of Tar’s “fee” for bringing her across the river. Hank, when hearing of the bargain that was struck, immediately cast Delilah aside and told her he never wanted to see her again. Delilah, heartbroken, told her story of woe to her friend, Will, who told Delilah he felt bad for her, but did not want to get involved. She then went to her other friend, Rocky, and repeated the same sad tale. Rocky was so outraged by Hank’s treatment of Delilah that he proceeded to seek Hank out and beat him up. As the sun sets, we see Delilah standing over Hank’s prone body, laughing delightedly.

Ok now that you’ve made your list you can compare your answers to mine by selecting the area below in the parenthesis with your mouse:
(From 5 to 1: Delilah, Tar, Rocky, Will, Hank)

The answers are your opinion, so don’t change them according to mine. If you
want to debate it or find out why I chose that order, comment to this post and
if I get time I’ll explain my reasoning.

Anyway, wow.. wasn’t that fun. I’m going to start reading for the Management
Test so take care.