Happy Easter!

Well today started with a bang… Literally! Today for Easter we went to my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bill’s house which also included my cousin Alyssa from Pickerington and my older cousin Kris. My mom surprised me this morning with some new tennis shoes so I got to wear those. I really needed a pair bad, so I could start wearing shorts finally. Once we got there my aunt wanted brown sugar for something she was making for Easter Dinner and Alyssa was about to head out the door and get it. I decided to go with her, it was actually the first time I’ve been in a car with her when she is driving.. A little scary at first.. but honestly she’s a good driver. 🙂 We stopped first at what I think was a DrugMart but they only had regular sugar so we went to Krogers. As we were going home when we were about to turn left into her development, off on the side of the road was an accident that involved 3 cars, it looked like one had rear ended the other and the car in the middle got squished. As we slowed down ready to make the turn, Alyssa turned on her turn signal and waited for the car ahead to pass and before she could conclude the words.. “Man that would suck to have an accident on Easter!”… BANG! A truck rear ended us going almost 40! Me and Alyssa didn’t see it coming and surprised us both and we both got thrusted forward and back. Seat belts do actually work :-P. We finally made the turn into the development since we were in the middle of the intersection then the guy came over and apologized. He was 58, apparently he was looking at the OTHER accident, wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see us slowing down to make our turn. Alyssa’s car.. well actually her mom’s car.. bumper got pushed in and up a little. Whereas the guy’s trunk only had a scratch. It wasn’t Alyssa’s fault, so we were cool. Her neck hurt a little so she used it as an excuse to not go to work at 3:30 so she was able to stay for the whole time we visited. Anyway, yeah now I’ve been in 3 accidents.. the first being when I hit a mail box in Castlewood last year.. lol.. second being when my sister rear ended a car in West Virginia, and third being today. What fun, two accidents all right next to each other at the same intersection 🙂

I’m back home now, just chillin.. I have a lot of work to do in the next couple of days for school and my website. And I work tomorrow so that’s not going to help. Well, I hope everyone had a great Easter! I’m out.