Scott Howell – The Asshole

I just HAVE to share this with you! As webmaster of a site with a community of members over 10,000 sometimes I have to put my mean mask on and lay out the rules, so to speak. The link below is a post I made tonight in response of a huge flame war that started about whether or not Religious topics should be allowed at my Mortal Kombat website. The tally in the original post by another moderator was around 74 replies just in the past day. Since it was getting out of hand, and nobody could hold an orderly discussion on religion in our general forum, myself and the the rest of the staff decided it’s best to keep order to the site by not allowing such discussion. Besides, it is a Mortal Kombat site after all. People are lucky we even allow non MK discussion. Anyway, check out the link below if you only know me as Scott, the computer dork, who still lives with his parents. You might see a side of me you never knew existed. I’m off to bed, got a lot on my mind tonight….. and it’s late.

MK5.ORG: No Religious Threads Policy – Posted by Scott Howell on 4/23/2003 at 1:02 AM