F*CK Free Speech

No I’m not mad. I just left my English Class where we watched a video on Free Speech that was on ABC awhile back. It talked about how our free speech today is so limited because we are afraid to get sued and what not. Anyway, it was an interesting video. Just made me laugh because they were showing this guy that owned a bar who liked to say f*ck and then he was ordered to take down all these signs that had that word in it like for the restrooms one would say “F*CKING MEN” and the other would say “F*CKING WOMEN”. Funny Stuff.. Funny Stuff..

I might update again later today, I’m just in the lab at school waiting to go on to my Management class at 1:00. When I get home I have to give Randy an email from Midway and do a couple of other stuff. Anyway.. I’m going to go get some fries and a pop in our “megabites” cafe and head on to class.

Oh and apprently there are Iraqis protesting in Iraq now, they finally have the freedom to protest. Go USA for helping them out.