My personal entertainment center is Complete..

Man it has been a busy day… Once getting out of school at 4 it was the usual go-to-Wendy’s-and-drop-off-my-schedule-and-steal-a-nugget run. Once upon arrival at home.. I shot out those emails to Midway Games like I said.. I’d tell you what they were about but it’s top secret information and visitors from my site could be reading this 😉 .

Ah and yes.. my cousin Nick came over tonight and gave me an NVIDIA graphics card with 8 MB of ram to replace my crappy graphics card.. I’m so exited!! Really! Now I can watch DVD’s on my computer with my awesome speakers I own. If I watch DVD’s on my Xbox I have to listen to the sound on my tv which has no Stereo.. Now DVD’s on my computer are no longer sluggish. It’s almost as good as a High Definition TV now. Not much else going on…. Sociology tomorrow at 9 then I have to mail off my copy of Tao Feng to my friend Robbie in New York. I’ve got to be going.. Alisha just text messaged me something 😛