Another day goes by…

Had to get up for work early again this morning for the third and consecutive time. Such a killer. 😛 I hate when you’re counting down the hours till 4 when it’s time to get off and finally when the time comes they want you to stay another half hour just so somebody can take a break. Enough about work, no more till Wed. then I have a nice break. I’m loving my 3 day weekends, I’m truly going to miss them next trimester. With Easter approaching on Sunday this school week will be cut down to only three days thanks to Good Friday. It will be a good Friday indeed as I’ll be going to see Strikken again at ALROSA VILLA and hanging with most of my friends.

Nothing too exciting today, we just found out from Midway Games today that Mortal Kombat: Deadly Revenge, a GameBoy Advance sequel to MK: Deadly Alliance has been renamed to “Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition”. Personally I think the name is crap. But since when does my opinion count? I might actually save up for a GameBoy Advance SP. They are about $100 bucks and since I’ll probably be getting MK:TE for free.. I might as well try it out.

As for what else is going on today.. well.. I had meat loaf for dinner if you really cared to know.. I’ll be back in school tomorrow so things should be getting a little more interesting. This weekend has been pretty good. I saw The Music Man at BC with Andrew and Amy on Friday. It was really great. Makes me miss Show Boat.. Chaz Black however did an awesome job. Chris Yonker was also pretty funny as the mayor I must say..

Anyway, I’m going to work on some website stuff and watch some TV. Lata’.